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  • Four Operations with Rational Numbers
  • Four Operations with Decimal Numbers
  • Exponential Numbers
  • Radical Numbers

Ratio and Proportion

  • Finding the Ratio
  • Value Calculation

Prime Factorization

  • Simplification
  • Value Calculation

Single Unknown Variable Equations

  • Finding the Unknown in Equations

System of Equations

  • System of Two Unknowns with Linear Equations
  • System of Three Unknowns with Linear Equations


  • Problems that can be Solved using Logic
  • Percentage Problems
  • Age Problems
  • Number Problems

Mathematical Operations

  • Xoy=2x+5y


  • Calculation of the Number of Elements
  • Finding Intersection and Union Counting Elements


  • Finding Remainders in Division
  • Value Calculation


  • Composite Functions
  • Finding Values from a Graph
  • Functional Equation
  • Inverse Function

Complex Numbers

  • Four Operations
  • Finding the Unknown in Equations


  • Simplification


  • Finding the Unknown Quantity using Logarithms
  • Logarithmic Value Calculation
  • Equations with Logarithms




  • Area of a Circle


  • Circumference Length
  • Angles in a Circle


  • Lengths in a Triangle
  • Angle Bisector in a Triangle
  • Median in a Triangle
  • Area of a Triangle
  • Angles in a Triangle
  • Similarity in a Triangle


  • Length of a Side of a Square
  • Angles in a Square
  • Area of a Square


  • Length of a Side of a Rectangle
  • Angles in a Rectangle
  • Area of a Rectangle


  • Length of a Side of a Parallelogram
  • Angles in a Parallelogram
  • Area of a Parallelogram

Angles on a Plane

  • Calculation of Angles with Parallel Lines


  • Area of a Trapezoid
  • Lengths in a Trapezoid
  • Angles in a Trapezoid


  • Lengths in a Polygon
  • Angles in a Polygon
  • Area of a Polygon


  • Counting Shapes (Cube, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, etc.)
  • Which Shape Completes the Second Row Based on the Relationship in the First Row?
  • Which Shape Completes the Third Row Based on the Relationship in the First and Second Rows?
  • Finding the Odd One Out
  • Letter-Number, Number-Shape, Letter-Shape Relationship
  • Finding the Desired Shape in a Table with Letters
  • Adding Shapes
  • Which Shape Follows in the Sequence of Shapes?
  • Shape Equality (on a Balance Scale)
  • Mathematical Operations (with Letters and Shapes)
  • Shape Equality (in a Table)
  • Completing a 3×3, 2×4 Shape, Number Matrix
  • Cube Expansion
  • Completing Shapes and Finding the Rule
  • Finding the Rule Between Numbers (Generating Numbers)
  • Completing a Square (Fill in the Blank)
  • Number Sequence Pattern
  • Shape Sequence Pattern
  • Paper Folding-Cutting
  • System of Equations with Shapes
  • Finding the Unknown in a 7×7 Matrix
  • Completing 3D Shapes
  • 5×5, 6×6 Sudoku
  • Finding the Rule in Numbers within Shapes
  • Finding the Rule in Numbers
  • Reflection-Rotation
  • Measuring Distance in Shapes
  • Top View of a Shape
  • Counting Numbers